Why Own A House?

At a time when the market is saturated with high-intensity, high-impact fitness concepts, the need for a more sustainable workout that reduces the risk of injury but still delivers an effective workout is clear. Predicted to be the new ‘go-to’ workout in 2018 by The Associated Press, indoor rowing has the extensive market potential not yet explored. Established in New York City in 2014, Row House was born from the idea that rowing is simply the most efficient, low-impact, high-energy, full-body workout for any fitness level that unites, inspires and drives people to dig a little deeper.
Led by an expert team with more than 25 years of fitness franchising experience, Row House will dominate indoor rowing in the boutique fitness industry by offering franchise opportunities across all major markets.

$22 Billion
Boutique Fitness Industry

Classes Held
7 Days
A Week

Year Over Year
Growth in
Boutique Fitness

Workouts to be Delivered in 2018

Row House is disrupting an industry traditionally built on competition within a class. We aren’t changing the experience, we’re creating a new one. One that brings everyone together, rowing on the same rhythm, the same flow with the same energy.

“I was very excited about how this crushing, full-body workout was low-impact and anyone can do it – from my 14 year daughter to help with her soccer training to an 80-year-old grandma wanting to maintain her strength. I quickly realized I wanted to be a founding franchisee and was impressed with the leadership and being part of the Xponential Fitness family.”

Stephen Stewart,

Franchisee, South Carolina

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